1. Each DOE makani account is allotted 100 MB for files & webpages. The webpage URL (address) is

  2. Users may post pages that are consistent with the public, non-profit educational mission of the Department of Education and are in compliance with all state and federal laws, including those prohibiting obscenity, defamation or copyright infringement.

  3. The DOE is not responsible or liable for material in violation.   Users are responsible for the content of their postings and  obtaining all necessary permissions or licenses for any material used.

  4. There is 10MB limit per message, messages larger than 10MB are returned  to  owner as most email clients cannot handle them.

  5. All accounts that have not been logged on for three months are automatically deleted off the server.  Inactive accounts are a security risk to our system.

  6. Users should periodically change their passwords at least annually. Passwords should NOT be their first or last name or "password". The password should have a mix of letters and numbers, upper and lower case characters, and be at least 7 to 8 characters in length. An ideal password is something such as 1L70sR&R which can be remembered as "I Luv 70s Rock & Roll".

  7. Please observe the disk quota and delete old files or mail with large file attachments

  8. Accounts can be viewed through Makani (Pine) or can be setup though a mail client like Netscape Mail or Eudora.   Or you can read mail using DOE Atmail .

  9. All DOE users must read and abide by the Department of Education 's Acceptable Use Policy in order that we can protect the limited network resources and provide quality service to the entire DOE.

  10. Engaging in activities that violate the DOE policy may result in a temporary or permanent termination of the user's account.

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